Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Here is a real example of something that happened to me and my emergency fund saved me. I had just came back home from visiting family in California and I was getting ready to go back to work. I get dressed, eat breakfast and hop in the car and drive to work. I get to... Continue Reading →


Examples of Financial Intelligence

In my previous post, I mentioned financial intelligence and buying things that matter over things that don't. One thing that annoys me with internet advice is people never extrapolate on their ideas. It's really easy to say "Oh do this and X with happen to you! Sign up for my blog newsletter!! I need the... Continue Reading →

My Number One Tip for Saving Money

This is not going to be a typical blog post about budget, blah blah, pay off debt, blah blah start a side business rent your cat to your neighbors for extra money. This hasn't been posted before and it's a simple, but controversial, technique that everyone can do. Yeah, everyone. I guarantee it. My number... Continue Reading →

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